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Predicting the Future in CPG

Do you know what will likely happen to your business in 2016?

CPG retailers and manufacturers have long invested in mastering the art of descriptive historical analysis to help understand their business, leveraging backward looking data to help maximize performance, reduce inefficiencies, and understand how to better deliver against consumer and shopping needs. However, in today’s shifting CPG landscape, where consumers have more and more options to choose from, simply delivering against yesterday’s needs fails to help companies win in the “world of tomorrow”. Instead, tomorrow’s leaders will be those proactively investing in predictive analysis – the practice of analyzing both current and historical data to logically forecast future outcomes, trends, and patterns. These leaders are investing now to stay ahead of trends and drive growth, entering category whitespaces before competitors get the chance to identify the same opportunities.

In our latest whitepaper, the Seurat Group offers perspective on the rising importance of predictive analysis and highlights how companies are leveraging this capability to drive differential performance.