Shopper Marketing

THE SITUATION: Retailers are becoming increasingly powerful players in the CPG industry. As they strive to grow their brands via increased engagement with their shoppers, our clients have a ripe opportunity to position themselves as key partners in this effort. Especially in light of the growing influence of digital, the list of ways to engage with the shopper can be overwhelming. From in-store displays, to social media campaigns, to direct mailers and personalized emails, the question becomes not whether or not to engage in shopper marketing, but how to do so smartly. What it comes down to is choosing the smartest investments for the individual needs of the organization. Ultimately, our clients need to be sure that their shopper marketing efforts help to build their brands while driving immediate sales lift.

OUR SOLUTION: At its core, shopper marketing is all about turning shoppers into buyers. How can we create an in store experience that drives growth by helping to meet both sales goals and shopper needs? It all comes down to providing insight driven solutions.

We begin by conducting internal and external interviews to assess the both higher order business and category strategy and existing customer relationships. Then, with grounding in the unique needs of each client’s business, we conduct primary qualitative and quantitative research to generate deeper understand of the needs of shoppers and consumers. This 360 understanding of the category and business feeds into the development of actionable shopper marketing recommendations that further the goals of both our clients and their customers and provide valued solutions to the shopper.

We work with Shopper Marketing leaders to define the strategy, resource investment, and insight foundation that will maximize effectiveness, connecting to activation providers when appropriate to offer a full end-to-end solution.

END BENEFIT: With an optimized shopper marketing capability, our clients benefit from increased shopper engagement with their brands, resulting in incremental demand and sales.