THE SITUATION: The shelf (either brick & mortar or virtual) is the one place that 100% of category shoppers will engage with brands. In today's world of relentless communication and fragmented touch points, the shelf provides mass reach to communicate with shoppers. Therefore, it is critical for manufacturers to influence shelving strategies by delivering unbiased, inspiring solutions supported by a strong insight-fact base. Manufacturers who can influence more than shelf layout, and provide new and inspirational shelving solutions, will see their categories grow and watch their brands disproportionately benefit.

OUR SOLUTION: We focus on linking new shopper, consumer and retailer insight to create the rationale to think differently about shelf layout and design. Integrating data from all three constituencies creates the unassailable rationale to compel retailers to plan differently. Key principles supporting every engagement include:

  1. Create shelf strategies that are beneficial for both manufacturer & retailer: Consider retailer needs (turns, margin, productivity, etc.) in addition to brand objectives to build a strategy that everyone can rally behind.
  2. Link shelf strategy to business strategy: Whether brands/categories are trying to expand trial, build reach, drive occasions or trade shoppers up, ensure that the shelving strategy is linked to the overall growth vision for the category to create strong integrated category & brand plans.
  3. Build near term wins and long-term solutions: Shelving changes are resource-intensive. Critical to find less-cost intenstive small-term wins while extablishing a long-term view to inspire.

END BENEFIT: Clients strengthen ability to create engaging aisles that encourage shoppers to interact with brands, drive successful conversion & profitable growth, and help retailers increase overall productivity.