THE SITUATION: Ecommerce, CRM, and digital solutions enable marketers to communicate more effectively with their shoppers than ever before. Yet, too often retail partners control this dialogue. While manufacturers have the resources to target core shopper groups, few go to the trouble of identifying the key moment and message necessary to trigger a purchase. With incomplete understanding of who core shoppers are and how they behave, marketing becomes an inefficient game of trial and error. With the advent of big data, there are significant opportunities to improve on outdated segmentations such as these.

OUR SOLUTION: We help clients create a new foundation of learning to capture the most value from shopper segmentation. What differentiates our approach is our ability to bring the most robust insights and actionable strategies to life through a multi-stage process.

Segmentation Creation: The first key to success is leveraging disparate sources of data, such as shop-alongs, behavioral data, attitudinal surveys, key stakeholder feedback, and fieldwork interviews. By integrating all available information, we are able to ensure activation success.

Segmentation Activation: It is imperative to understand the value of each segment and identify the triggers that lead each to a change in behavior, such as a purchase. Understanding segment value and triggers helps clients prioritize shoppers and products, drastically improving efficiency and simplifying shopper marketing decisions.

Implementation: Even the best data is useless in the face of poor execution. It is therefore vital to ensure the plan garners the buy-in necessary throughout the organization to support flawless execution. A robust, metrics-driven implementation plan must be created to bring the segmentation to life and to exemplify the value of more effectively interacting with shoppers.

END BENEFIT: We deliver a complete understanding of target shoppers and their needs, which our clients can use to drive incremental sales and efficient marketing investments.