Predictive Decision Trees

THE SITUATION: Today, shoppers have more information available, more outlets to choose from and more influences across the path to purchase than ever before. Decision trees are an effective way to understand the different factors impacting the decision process and the key consideration points to impact conversion in order to most effectively reach shoppers and drive conversion.  However, shopper behaviors today are heavily influenced by the category as the experience today, and traditional methods will provide only incremental benefits. 

OUR SOLUTION: Our decision trees go beyond traditional studies to a predictive methodology that enables leaders to orient their business to a future view of the category.  The predictive decision tree still provides the deep foundation of shopper and consumer knowledge allows our clients to create more informed marketing and sales strategies across various consumer touch points.  This methodology uses a broad set of inputs to create a few potential future states, from which we choose one that is both realistic for both manufacturer and retailer and provides greatest benefit to the client.

Future Looking PDH

  • Importantly, the results include decision trees that outline the drivers of purchase across occasions/need states and help clients identify where and why they win today, and what are the opportunity areas for new growth.  Additionally, this solution is different from a traditional decision tree in three key ways:

    • From Reactive to Proactive: Look forward to do more than recommend changes that perpetuate the status quo
    • Drive Customer, Consumer & Innovation: Unlock growth together through incremental usage / consumption occasion, trade up, innovation areas, etc.
    • Enable Long Term Strategy: Visualize the best possible future state and build action plans to drive real change

END BENEFIT: A clear vision of a future category that excites and engages shoppers while providing an action plan to realize this future state - via the right communication and assortment at shelf - to ultimately unlock increased demand and incremental sales.