Path to Purchase

THE SITUATION: Today's consumers have more ability than ever to switch into shopper mode, as they are faced with a dazzling array of places to which they could turn to fulfill their retail needs. As retailers and manufacturers try to meet consumers' needs, too often they rely on plans that are outdated, incomplete, or are based largely on hypotheses rather than a solid research foundation. In order to better meet shoppers’ needs and unlock category value, it is critical to cultivate a holistic understanding of their attitudes, behaviors and purchase triggers across the entire Path to Purchase landscape, as illustrated below.

OUR SOLUTION: We combine insights from multiple data sources to create a picture and narrative of the Path to Purchase in our clients' categories to help them gain a deeper understanding of their shoppers' needs, choices, and behaviors. We conduct qualitative research, including in-store and digital shop-alongs to provide the whys and why nots behind shopper decisions. We conduct quantitative research through online studies and in-store intercepts to build an actionable data set that can be applied to improve targeting, segment offers, category strategies, consumer touch points and positioning opportunities. We often integrate what shoppers say with how they purchase (purchase behavioral analysis) and how retail performs (using syndicated data, panel, and profitability data). Once we fully understand the shopper, the next step is to translate those insights into actionable strategies that will help to make them more valuable at every step of their path to purchase. We package strategies and activation plans into succinct, compelling, and ownable narratives for customer planning.

END BENEFIT: Clients gain a strong foundation of shopper understanding and recommended actions that will support ongoing business building initiatives both internally and in collaboration with key retail partners.