Organizational Design

THE SITUATION: Corporate structure does not always support corporate strategy. When this is the case, productivity, motivation and communication are threatened, hindering the firm's ability to efficiently deliver against its business model.

As the CPG industry shifts and technology speeds up the pace of decision-making, an organization's design becomes either an obstacle or a competitive advantage. The right functional teams allow a company to attain the necessary level of capability specialization, product focus and/or customer-attention. At the same time, optimal integration and collaboration between these functional groups ensure that efforts are not duplicated and decision-makers are privy to the full range of relevant insights. However, achieving this balance is a challenge.

OUR SOLUTION: We work with clients to develop a structure that best supports the company's mission, goals and vision. We first support our clients to define What they are uniquely delivering. We begin by creating a deep understanding of the consumers and customers a company wishes to serve and charting a path to develop the desired type of relationship with both groups. This includes defining the channels through which they can most authentically deliver products, services and brand communication.

Guided by the intended external offer, we then turn our attention internally toward How the organization will deliver their offer. We know that every structural choice requires necessary trade-offs: specialization vs. coordination and integration, management attention vs. leveraged resources and cost, control and accountability vs. learning and motivation. Fueled by a clear understanding of the offer and path to deliver it, we can optimize these choices to create a corporate structure that will best lead us to the desired results.

END BENEFIT: In the end, our clients reap the benefits of more efficient organizations and can better deliver against growth objectives.