THE SITUATION: Winning online requires understanding the shopper’s full path to purchase in the increasingly omnichannel environment that shoppers live in today. Shopper navigation and behaviors in-store are well-studied in the CPG industry, but similar knowledge online is a significant gap  The time is right to close this gap and begin to truly understand and anticipate shoppers’ changing needs


OUR SOLUTION: Seurat’s myClickstream fills this knowledge gap in the shopper’s path to purchase by linking off-line shopping, on-line behaviors, and attitudinal research to understand why shoppers behave and navigate in the ways that they’ve exhibited.  Each of these sources offers a unique glimpse at the full shopper experience.  Linking and extracting insights from the three unlocks new understanding of shoppers’ navigational paths, behavior and desires within and across categories. 


This highly customized approach is based in business needs and key questions. It formulates a unique panel so that all data available is at the most granular level, allowing iterative learning as additional insights lead to more questions. Seurat’s myClickstream generates truly actionable omnichannel insights among the shoppers that matter most to your brands at key retailers to address a wide range of business opportunities.

Building Blocks

END BENEFIT: A foundation of new expertise in the behavior and purchase decision process of e-commerce shoppers that can be applied to identify and elevate the impact of online purchase influencers to drive growth.