Industry Benchmarking

THE SITUATION: Today’s retail landscape is changing – and changing rapidly. Manufacturers are communicating and selling to shoppers in different ways than ever before. Clearly, businesses must be willing to pivot and make real changes in order to stay relevant under the new rules of retail. But this change can be hard and risky. Strategic benchmarking can help ensure decisions are made with full information.

OUR SOLUTION: Our Industry benchmarking approach allows us to distill lessons learned from other organizations into best practice principles to guide businesses toward growth. The key value is in learning from strategies in other industries, aisles, manufacturers or categories that inspire new ways of thinking and guide decision making. Our Industry Benchmarking Process begins with three phases of research. First, we leverage our extensive network of industry contacts to provide our clients with an insider’s look into the workings of other organizations. Next, we perform secondary research with the end goal of creating a Landscape Analysis, in which we identify key themes and industry trends that will impact our clients’ businesses. Finally, we combine these learnings with knowledge gained from decades of experience in the CPG industry and a challenger mindset, which allows us to offer our clients new perspective on business challenges. All of these research streams feed into an understanding of what worked, what didn’t work, and why. From these, we develop customized best practice principles to guide and inspire our clients as they navigate the CPG industry of today and tomorrow.

END BENEFIT: Clients are able to think differently about their businesses and are armed with the insights they need to make transformational decisions that best position them for growth.