Go To Market

THE SITUATION: Today's mainstream retailer planning model prioritizes the top 5-10 customers with a suite of value-creating services and targeted resources while spreading a base category plan and resources thinly across all other customers. This approach relies on scale and clout, but is no longer delivering sustainable growth.

Manufacturers can no longer provide just their largest accounts with differentiating services and capabilities and simply bring a similar offer to market elsewhere. Retailers have become their own marketing entities based on a greater knowledge of their shopper and demand more customized solutions around innovation, packaging, price point and shopper communication. Growth also has to come from more places.

OUR SOLUTION: We help our clients innovate go to market strategy across the retail landscape and within key channels and retail segments by linking strategic choices more directly to the performance goals of client customers. We first guide clients to develop a customer segmentation to prioritize accounts and shape their holistic customer strategy. We use the following questions to guide the segmentation:

Next, we support our client to develop a custom approach for each customer, channel or customer segment. We use the following 4 steps:

  1. Conduct a strategic assessment through the lens of the customer that validates their priority issues and needs
  2. Frame go-to market channel strategy to elevate our client’s strategic value to each customers
  3. Create customer selling story content and narrative
  4. Develop the socialization, training and tracking plan to arm the organization to apply the materials confidently with the right audience(s) and their goals and strategies in mind.

END BENEFIT: Clients are seen as a ‘go to’ partner in the eyes of each of its target customers by better delivering against their priorities.