THE SITUATION: Given the growth of digital marketing and ecommerce, today’s shoppers have seemingly infinite ways to navigate the path to purchase. Browsing and product comparisons can be done on a tablet or computer at home, on a mobile phone on-the-go, in a store, or any combination of these. Competition has increased for both retailers and manufacturers as viable shopping options continue to grow at a rapid pace. The shopper has always been in the driver’s seat and now has even more choices that keep established players guessing; their path to purchase is no longer linear.

Change is clearly upon us in the CPG marketplace, rewarding those players who can act early with a disproportionate share of future growth. In spite of this, many organizations lack strong, insights-based direction on how to best leverage their digital capabilities as a strategic asset.

OUR SOLUTION: We work with clients to ensure their digital offer reaches and engages the right shoppers, through the right platform, at the right time using the right message to drive sales. What makes our approach different is a quantifiable understanding of the key triggers along the digital path to purchase that are most likely to compel behavior change. Our approach consists of developing an understanding of the Omnichannel Path to Purchase across four components:

  1. Shopper needs, attitudes and behaviors within and between each phase of Path-to-Purchase
  2. Role of each demand driver and level of engagement with different marketing platforms
  3. Differences across retail channels and points of distribution
  4. Key triggers that drive desired purchase behaviors

With this insight as a foundation, we incorporate key stakeholder perspectives and goals to inform development of improved business models and growth strategies.

END BENEFIT: Clients gain a clear digital strategy to drive demand for their offer and a means to stay relevant as shopper behavior continues to evolve.