Category Leadership

THE SITUATION: The formula for growth has changed. Quick wins through additional distribution or line extensions no longer exist. To uncover potential avenues for growth, organizations must identify the key levers to engage more shoppers, to compel current shoppers to buy more, or to convince current buyers to trade-up. In order to better engage retailers, reach shoppers and inspire consumers, successful manufacturers develop category leadership initiatives that link brand and sales strategy to support total category growth.

OUR SOLUTION: It’s all about growth. We support our clients to develop a consumer-based, persuasive narrative that demonstrates increased commitment to the category and presents the fact-base to compel retailers to act.

Our approach is supported by a 7 step Category Leadership Process:

  1. Frame of Reference: Identify the most compelling and actionable ways to position the business. A strong frame of reference creates context to ultimately inform the best way to differentiate a brand’s offer.
  2. Vision: Link category strategy with the frame of reference to create a unifying call to action and conviction.
  3. Growth Drivers: Leverage macro trend analysis and white space identification to highlight the key opportunites to drive category growth.
  4. Size of the Prize: Compel retailers to action with motivating sales forecasts.
  5. Integrated Demand Plan: Package frame of reference, vision, growth drivers and size of the prize into an impactful narrative to engage retail partners.
  6. AMPS Guidelines/ Plans: Develop activation strategies to influence the point of purchase.
  7. Selling Program: Construct customizable selling stories for business partners to gain alignment to category strategy and execution imperatives.

END BENEFIT: Having undergone this process, brands can better arm their sales force to increase customer engagement, drive category sales and position themselves for long-term success.